Ludlow Castle History

Follow the Fascinating History of Treachery, Love and Royalty at Ludlow Castle

In the Early Days

1086 Walter de lacy starts to build Ludlow Castle after coming over here in 1066 with William the Conqueror

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The Mortimers

The Mortimer family arrived in the wake of William the Conqueror.

Their story is a colourful picture of ambition, power, rivalry and various attempts to claim the throne.

The Young Princes

The Princes in the Tower spent their childhood playing around the North Range, Great Hall and Tudor Lodgings before their fateful trip to London

The Royal Castle

Throughout the 16th and 17th Century Ludlow Castle was held by the Crown

Everyday Life in the Castle

Many people would have lived within the Castle walls from important nobles to chambermaids and farriers.

Sports and Leisure

The Georgians and Victorians used the castle as a bowling green, for archery, hunting, agricultural shows and later plays and festivals

The Arts and
Ludlow Castle

On special occasions entertainment in the castle goes back as far as the 16th Century

High Days and Holidays

By 1689 the castle was a ruin but then, with the coming of the railway to Ludlow in 1852 and travel being more accessible to all, it became a tourist Attraction

Restoration Project

An exciting and ambitious renovation to the Castle House within the castle walls was completed in 2007.

The Royal Castle

Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, Ludlow Castle was held by the Crown, except for a brief time during the Civil War and the Commonwealth.

It enjoyed great status as the centre of administration for the Marches shires and for Wales - court sessions and the Prince's Council were held here. This led to massive refurbishment of the buildings and the castle became styled more in the way of an Elizabethan stately home.






Prince Arthur

Elder son of Henry Tudor, brother of Henry V111, Prince Arthur died at Ludlow Castle on April 2nd, 1502. He had been staying there with his new wife, Catherine of Aragon on honeymoon. Prince Arthur's heart was buried at Ludlow.

His wife returned to London where she later became the first of Henry V111's six wives. Her divorce from Henry sparked the English split from Rome and launched the turbulent years of the Reformation.

 Queen Mary I

Daughter of Catherine of Aragon and Henry V111, Mary (later Queen Mary 1) spent three winters at Ludlow Castle as a young girl.


Ludlow Castle Royal Visit

Queen Elizabeth II

In July, 2003, Ludlow Castle was proud and honored to welcome Her Majesty The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh on the first visit of a reigning British Monarch to the Castle for many hundreds of years.