Tea Room Menu

 Cakes & Scones
Lemon Drizzle
Light lemon sponge, steeped with lemon syrup
Bara Brith
Welsh miners fruit cake, the fruit is soaked overnight
in strong tea and lightly spiced. Served with butter
Shropshire Apple & Sultana Cake
A moist lightly spiced sponge, layered with local apples
& sultanas
Carrot and Walnut Cake £2.45
Victoria Sponge
Light vanilla sponge sandwiched with strawberry jan & vanilla butter cream.
Chocolate Fudge Cake £2.50 
Lavender shortbread
An all butter shortbread scented with real lavender blossoms
Plain scone
Served with butter
Fruit scone
Served with butter
Blackberry scone
Served with butter
Shropshire blue cheese scone
Served with chive butter
Toasted tea cake
Served with butter
Strawberry conserve portion £1.10 
Blackcurrant conserve portion
Clotted cream portion £1.10 
Castle Cream Tea
A warm plain and fruit scone, with strawberry conserve & clotted cream Served with your choice of leaf tea or ground coffee
Afternoon Tea
A selection of freshly prepared sandwiches, a warm plain & fruit scone with strawberry & blackcurrant conserves & clotted cream, and your choice of cake from the sideboard.
Accompanied with a pot of tea of your choice, served with either milk, lemon or soya milk
Champagne Tea
Enjoy a full afternoon tea accompanied by a glass of Champagne, Tanners Brut Extra Reserve

Soup of The Day 
A smooth soup, served with croutons
Please ask for today’s flavour
Hot Bacon Sandwich
A Crispy rindless back bacon, served in your choice of white or granary bread,
Crusty bread and butter £1.30

 On your choice of white, granary or wholemeal bread
Served with salad garnish and local potato crisps.
Roast Herefordshire beef with creamed horseradish £6.00
Home baked ham with English Mustard £5.85
Welsh mature cheddar cheese with balsamic onion marmalade £5.35
Locally oak smoked salmon & cream cheese £7.00
Coronation Chicken £6.00
Free range egg mayonnaise & cress £4.60
Tuna mayonnaise £5.85

Lite Bites

Jacket Potatoes
 Served with your choice of filling and salad garnish
Butter £4.95
Tuna Mayonnaise £6.95
Welsh mature cheddar £6.90
Coronation Chicken £7.25
Beans £5.95
Choose your additional fillings  per portion £2.50

Cold Drinks Bottle Green Presse
Elderflower £1.85
Cranberry & Orange
Cox's Apple £1.85
Pomegranate & Elderflower £1.85
Ginger & Lemon Grass
Traditional lemonade £1.95
Old fashioned ginger beer £1.95
Dandelion & burdock £1.95
Other Cold Drinks
Orange Juice £2.10
Locally Pressed Herefordshie Apple Juice £2.10
Semi Skimmed Milk £1.50
Wenlock Spring Mineral Water
750ml Bottle still or sparkling £3.00
250ml Bottle still or sparkling £1.50

Fresh ground coffee
  Prices are per person.
House roast
A 100% Arabica coffee from South America with a distinctive nutty taste, medium body and slight acidity. A wonderfully balanced blend and perfect as an all day drinking coffee. Specially roasted for Castle Tea Room.
Americano £1.95
Cappuccino £2.05
Latte £2.15
Expresso £1.80
Extra Shot £0.80
100% Colombian Arabica coffee grown in the foothills of the Andes. This coffee is well balanced, with good brightness and flavour. All the best bits of Colombian coffee but without the caffeine.

House tea
A full flavoured strong no nonsense tea, from the Danfey tea estate in Nepal. Good at any time of day.
Earl Gray
From the Tisupari estate using an excellent quality black Indian Assam with bergamot oil. Light and aromatic. Normally serves alone or with lemon.
First Flush Assam
A smooth light tea. An ideal tea to drink with milk any time of day.
A strong tea with a clean bright flavour. It has a crisper fresher character than Assam. Served with milk, lemon or alone any time of day.
Darjeeling Poobong Estate
Perfect for afternoon tea and scones with the slightly sweet taste typical of the North Indian of Darjeeling. The Champagne of tea.
Green Tea
A green tea with a light aromatic cap - usually drank without milk

Herbal Teas
One of the most popular herbal teas, is an ideal night cap.
Nettle £2.20
Peppermint £2.20
Fruit teas also available £2.20

Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate pot
A luxury fair trade drinking chocolate with 40% cocoa solids. Served with marshmallows.